"The Chosin Few"

           A documentary film by Brian Iglesias



"Retreat, Hell!  We're just attacking in another direction." - Major General Oliver P. Smith, Korea, December 1950.




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The Story:

Fear and Terror in the Frozen Hills of North Korea.

The Chosin Few is a documentary film about the amazing true story of the 1st Marine Division’s fight for survival against hordes of communist Chinese forces in the frozen mountains of North Korea in the winter of 1950.  Outnumbered, cut off behind enemy lines, and nearly overwhelmed by unceasing human wave attacks, the Marines fought their way to the sea in what is regarded as the most remarkable military feat of the 20th Century.  Seventeen Medals of Honor and 70 Navy Crosses were awarded to the heroes of this campaign—the most ever awarded for a single battle in American History.

In October of 1950, General MacArthur ordered the 1st Marine Division to march to the Yalu River on the North Korean/Chinese border.  This force of approximately 12,000 brave fighting men was strung out along 80 miles of frozen, mountainous terrain.  China covertly infiltrated North Korea and soon the Marines found themselves surrounded by over 60,000 Communist Chinese soldiers.  For 14 days, the Marines miraculously fought their way to safety through the frozen mountains and subzero temperatures, taking their dead and wounded with them through the onslaught of unceasing Chinese attacks.  They suffered over 4,000 killed or wounded but still managed to extract over 25,000 causalities from the enemy.  This is an epic tale of terror and triumph that has been quietly tucked away in American history - until now.


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